Silly UI License Agreement

Welcome to Silly UI, your copy & paste interact component library. This License Agreement details the terms of use for our Silly UI products. By accessing or using Silly UI, you agree to these terms.

License Overview:

This agreement governs the use of Silly UI`s interactive component library. It grants permission for usage in personal, client-based, and commercial projects.

Silly UI License Agreement

Permitted Uses:

  • Incorporation of Silly UI into various projects, including web applications and digital tools.
  • Customization and integration of Silly UI components into your projects.
  • Application of Silly UI across multiple projects under this multi-use license.
  • Internal sharing within your organization under a team or enterprise license.

Prohibited Uses:

  • Resale, sublicensing, or redistribution of Silly UI in any form.
  • Utilization of Silly UI in competing products, component libraries, or design templates.
  • Extraction and independent utilization of Silly UI components outside of licensed projects.

No Refund Policy:

Please be aware that once you have completed the purchase of Silly UI, the transaction is considered final. Due to the nature of our product, providing immediate access to the source code, we are unable to offer refunds. This policy is in place to prevent the possibility of customers copying the code and then requesting a refund, which is a scenario we must avoid. We strongly advise you to thoroughly evaluate our product before making a decision to purchase.

License Enforcement:

The copyright of Silly UI is owned exclusively by Elliot Labs. The permissions granted under this license are limited to those expressly stated herein; all other rights are reserved.

Elliott Labs reserves the right to pursue legal action against unauthorized uses of Silly UI, especially in cases where Silly UI components are used to create competing products (like other libraries, UI kits, or templates), or if distributed online without authorization.

By purchasing or downloading any version of Silly UI, including free versions, you agree to be financially liable for a penalty of £10,000 for each individual violation of this license agreement.

Liability Limitation:

Our liability is limited to the purchase price. We are not liable for any indirect damages arising from your use of Silly UI.